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Background: After new analysis, Sanofi Pasteur now recommends their dengue vaccine (Dengvaxia) should only be given to individuals previously infected with dengue and the World Health Organization's recommendations regarding its use are currently being revised. As a result, the potential costs of performing large-scale individual dengue screening and/or dengue serosurveys have become an important consideration for decision making by policymakers in dengue-endemic areas. Methods: We used an ingredients-based approach to estimate the financial costs for conducting both a school-based dengue serosurvey and school-based individual dengue screening within a typical province in Vietnam, using an existing commercial indirect immunoglobulin G enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit. This costing is hypothetical and based on estimates regarding the resources that would be required to perform such activities. Results: We estimated that performing a school-based individual screening of 9-year-olds would cost US$9.25 per child tested or US$197,827 in total for a typical province. We also estimated that a school-based serosurvey would cost US$10,074, assuming one class from each of the grades that include 8- to 11-year-olds are sampled at each of the 12 selected schools across the province. Conclusions: The study indicates that using this vaccine safely on a large-scale will incur noteworthy operational costs. It is crucial that these be considered in future cost-effectiveness analyses informing how and where the vaccine is deployed.

Original publication




Journal article


Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg

Publication Date





369 - 377


Child, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Costs and Cost Analysis, Delivery of Health Care, Dengue, Dengue Vaccines, Dengue Virus, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, Forecasting, Humans, Immunization Programs, Mass Screening, Patient Selection, Program Development, School Health Services, Schools, Seroepidemiologic Studies, Serogroup, Vaccination, Vietnam, World Health Organization