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Research groups

David Bonsall

Post Doc

Brief Biography:

I have been interested in viruses since medical school and have structured the early stages of my clinical training in preparation for a career in infectious diseases. My research is focussed on viral genetics and evolution and how it can help us understand, treat and prevent diseases like viral hepatitis, zika and HIV. I believe that clinical microbial genetics will emerge as an important subspecialty to infectious diseases and as an important diagnostic service to other specialties that manage infectious pathologies.

Research interests:

I’m interested in microbial genetics, particularly of viruses. I work with a range of groups to develop methods for characterising and analysing viral genetic information using a range of next-generation sequencing methods and platforms. Most of the projects I work on are united by a clinical focus aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of diagnosis and treatments in infectious diseases thus reducing some of the greatest burdens to global health

Current project:

STOPHCV: STratified medicine to Optimise the treatment of Patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection

PopART Phylogenetics : A phylogenetic study of HIV transmission (and how to prevent it) in a 10,000 infected indivuals living in Zambia

Oxford Viromics: Oxford Universities pipeline for sequencing and studying clinically relevant viral pathogens.

Recent publications

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