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In addition to our core equipment, listed below, the Peter Medawar Building runs a Shared Cytometry Resource Facility. Within the facility we have a number of cytometers:

BD LSRII: 15 colour cytometer

Image of a D LSRII: 15 colour cytometer

FSC diode none
488 nm H none none
SSC G 488/10 none
FITC F 530/30 505
PE E 575/26 550
PE-Texas Red D 610/20 600
PE-Cy5/PerCP C 660/20 655
PerCP-Cy5.5 B 695/40 685
PE-Cy7 A 780/60 735
633 nm APC-Cy7/H7 C 780/60 755
AlexaFluor 700 B 730/45 710
APC A 660/20 none
405 nm H none none
G none none
Pacific Blue F 450/50 none
Amycan E 525/50 475
Qdot 565 D 560/20 545
QDot585 C 585/15 575
Qdot 605 B 605/12 599
Qdot 655 A 655/8 630

Miltenyi MACSQuant Analyzer 10:

8 colour cytometer with high throughput MiniSampler, and absolute cell counts.

Image of a Miltenyi MACSQuant Analyzer

Laser Channel Filter (nm) Dye or parameter
Violet 405 nm V1 450/50 CFP, VioBlue
V2 525/50 Pacific Orange, VioGreen
Blue 488nm B1 525/50 GFP, FITC
B2 585/40 PE
B3 655-730

PI, PerCP, PE-CY 5.5, PerCP-Vio700,

PE-Vio615, ECD, PE-CF594, PE/Dazzle 594

PE-eFluor 610

B4 750 LP PE-Cy7, APC-Vio770
Red 635nm R1 655-730 APC
R2 750 LP APC-Cy7, APC-Vio770
Blue 488nm FSC 488/10 Size
SSC 488/10 Granularity

Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP:

A Jet-in-air, 4 way sorter, within a derogated Cat3 room - housed within a Class II safety cabinet. Setup:

Image of the Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP

488nm laser

  • FITC
  • PerCP/PerCP-Cy5.5
    561nm laser

561nm laser

  • PE
  • PE-TexasRed
  • PE-Cy5
  • PE-Cy7

405nm laser

  • Pacific Blue
  • Pacific Orange
  • Qdot605

633nm laser

  • APC
  • Alexar700
  • APC-Cy7

For further information about using the above equipment please contact Ane Ogbe at

ZellScanner One:

High content cytometry for explorative analysis of cytometric and histological samples to understand structures, functions, and mechanisms on a cellular level.

An image of a Zell Scanner and associated accessories

For further information about using the zellscanner, please contact Kate Powell at