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MRC iCASE (4 years) D.Phil programme with joint supervision between academia and industry for clinicians and non-clinicians
MRC Clinical (3 years) D.Phils in health science disciplines for clinicians
Wellcome Infection, Immunity and Translational Medicine (IITM) (4 years) D.Phils in health science disciplines for non-clinicians
Wellcome Clinical (3 years?) D.Phils in health science disciplines for clinicians
BBSRC BBSRC Interdisciplinary D.Phil projects spanning biology, biochemistry, plant sciences, zoology, experimental psychology, veterinary medicine, chemistry, mathematics, computing, statistics, engineering, physics, geology (non-human)
NDM NDM studentship prize (3 years) D.Phils in health sciences for clinicians and non-clinicians. Includes a range of tropical health/global medicine projects.
British Infection Society Post-doc grants (1 year)
Wellcome Wellcome Trust Doctoral Programme in Genomic Medicine and Statistics Genomic Medicine and Statistics
University of Oxford Doctoral Training Centre Oxford DTC (4 years) D.Phil projects that interface between the mathematical and physical, and the biological and medical sciences
Commonwealth Scholarships for high income countries Commonwealth Scholarship