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Research groups

Ane Ogbe

Postdoctoral scientist

Understanding the role of T cells in anti-viral immunity

My interest lie in gaining more understanding into the complex and dynamic role of T cells in the development of immunity to infectious diseases. This would hopefully inform the improvement of vaccine strategies to be used for the rational design of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. 

For my doctoral thesis, I furthered the understanding of the role the Egr2/3 genes in immune response. We identified a novel role of these genes as key players in regulating Tfh cell differentiation using a conditional KO mouse model.

For the last few years, I have been more involved in human immunology where I have focused on CD4+ Tfh cells as one of the cellular drivers of humoral immune response leading to the induction of broadly neutralising antibodies (bnAbs) in HIV infection. This has led me to my current exciting project where I am working on understanding the immunological mechanism underlying viral control in bnAb-infused, HIV infected patients during treatment interruption. The understanding of this delayed viral rebound would will be pivotal in advancing the HIV cure field