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Research groups

Cathy De Lara

Research Assistant

After gaining my BSc in genetics from the University of Swansea I worked for the MRC’s Radiobiology unit at Harwell where I looked at different types of radiation and the damage they do to DNA.

After moving to the Jenner Institute in Compton I joined the Beverley group studying the turnover rates of different cell types in both healthy subjects and those infected with TB and HIV. I also gained my MSc in immunology from Kings in London.

In 2009 the Beverley group moved to the PMB and in 2011 I changed groups and now work for the Klenerman group where I am involved in several projects. Since working for Paul I have been involved in several RSV (Respiratory Syncytial virus) vaccine trials. I am now looking at the immune response to different HCV treatments in volunteers in the BOSON HCV treatment study.