Images of scientists working for the Dunachie group. Their details are listed on this web page

Group Details

  • Oxford research lab (PMB);
    • Barbara Kronsteiner-Dobramysl (PostDoc)
    • Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury (DPhil student)
  • Bangkok research lab (MORU): 1 PostDoc, 3 RAs
  • Study site (Ubon, Thailand): 1 RA, 1 nurse

Research Interests

  • Melioidosis
    • Immune correlates of survival
    • Role of MAIT cells
    • Memory responses and vaccine development
  • Susceptibility of Diabetics to Infectious Diseases
    • Metabolic changes in lymphocytes affecting memory responses
    • Influence of anti-diabetic drugs on immunometabolism
  • Fever aetiology
  • Gram-negative Sepsis
  • Scrub typhus
  • Capacity Development


  • PBMC isolation and cell sorting
  • Whole blood stimulation assay
  • Multicolour Flow cytometry (MACSQuant and LSRII
  • Cytokine secretion (ELISpot, ELISA, Multiplex, FACS)
  • Proliferation assays
  • Zellscanner
  • Gene expression (RT-PCR, Microarray)
  • Cell Metabolism (Seahorse Extracellular Flux Analyzer)
  • Metabolomics (with CRL)
  • Tropical clinical trials

Our team